Contest Winners

December 2019 Contest Winner

Congratulations Jordyn on winning our Christmas Contest!

Candy Corn Contest Winners 

Congrats to Hope & Jaxson on winning The Happy Fall Contest! Each guessed exactly right, 687 CandyCorns!

Pet contest winner
Congrats Maddox on winning the Pet Contest!

July contest winner Ella with Dr. Lively,
Ella is the winner of our Back To School Contest!!

Contest Winner
Our Hello Summer contest winner is Sara!!

Teacher Appreciation Month Contest Winner
Kylie's favorite teacher, Mrs. Ryan, from Stuart Middle School won our Teacher Appreciation Contest!

Dr. Lively with April contest winner Tmike.
Tmike won the Jellybean contest! He guessed 1,027 & there were 1,032. Congrats!!

Jackson won our Valentine's Day Contest! He guessed spot on with 286 candy kisses!!

Kaiden Is The Winner Of Our Football Contest!

Christmas Winners
Congratulations To Fiona, Megan, & Olivia for winning our
Christmas Contest! 

Taylor Contest Winner 
Happy Fall Contest Winner! Taylor guessed 683 Candy Corn, and there were a total of 688!

Makena End of Summer Contest Winner 
Makena Is The End Of Summer Celebration Contest winner.

Paul Crayon Contest Winner 
Back To School Contest Winner 256 Crayons, Paul Guessed 255.

Hannah Crayon Contest Winner 
Back To School Contest Winner 256 Crayons, Hannah Guessed 255.

Mothers Day Contest Winnerr 
Addison Camene-May Contest Winner

Father's day contest winner 
Abby Grazi-Father's Day Contest Winner

Lea: Easter Contest Winner-654 Jellybeans

Ethan-Valentines Day_resized 
Ethan: Valentines Day Winner 550 Kisses

Madison - Football Contest Winner

Cooper - Christmas Contest Winner 183 Candy Canes

Hannah - Fall Contest Winner 716 Candy Corns

Grace - Back To School Winner 304 Crayons

Addison - Father's Day Contest Winner

Stacey - Mother's Day Contest

Taylor - Easter Contest Winner 1044 Jelly Beans

Bennett - Valentine's Contest Winner 423 Candy Kisses

Megan - St Patty's Day Contest Winner

Melana - Football Mascot Contest Winner

Ella - Drone Contest Winner

Dylan - Fall Contest Winner 1,702 M&M's

Eli - Drone Contest Winner

Emily - Farthest Away Postcard Winner

Nicole - Most Unique Postcard Winner

Cathryn - Funniest Postcard Winner

Paul - Father's Day Contest Winner

Luke - Mother's Day Contest Winner

Naiya - Lively's Leprechaun Contest Winner

Jaxson - Valentine's Contest Winner 177 Chocolate Dove Hearts

Justin - Christmas Contest Winner 371 Chocolate Kisses

Bayli and Billi - Flat Dr. Lively Contest Winners

Ashley - Flat Dr. Lively Contest Winner

Cooper - Baseball Contest Winner

Michael - 542 Chocolate Basketball Winner

Brandi - 264 Chocolate Kiss's Winner

Kevin - Mascot Contest Winner

Nico - 568 Christmas Lights Winner

Ali - 868 Candy Corn Winner

Katherine - Dinner For Two at Pietro's Winner

Sam - Movie Trivia Winner

Nate - 156 Seashells Winner

Amanda & Dad - Father's Day Contest Winner

Sam - Mother's Day Contest Winner

Steven - 747 Jelly Beans Winner

Mabel - Pot O' Gold Winner

Counting Kisses #430 - Sophia

Kyle - 418 Rubber Bands

Seth - 883 Ornaments

Faith - Summer Give Away

Straight A's Winner - Haylee

Abigail - Eye Spy Winner

Haley - Pot O'Gold #322

Hannah - Message Decoding Contest Winner


Nicole - Pumpkin Carving Winner

Megan - Movie Trivia Winner

Grace - Farthest Away

Trevor & Sarah - Most Unique

Zack - Most Unique

Zachary - Counting Kisses Winner

Bridget - Post Card Contest Grand Prize Winner

Megan - Straight A's

Alicia - 4th of July Winner

Kayla – iPod Touch Winner

Mary – Wand Winner

MacBook Pro Winner – Katherine McGovern!
Congratulations to Katherine! Katherine was entered into the drawing for getting her braces on in 2010.

2011 Contest Winners

Parker – 5,156 M&M's

James – Harry Potter Poster Winner

Joanna – Wand Winner

Shannon – Wand Winner

Myra & Melinda – Ring Winner

Jacki – Contest Winner

Austin – Wand Winner

Trey – Straight A's Winner

Greg – Postcard Winner

JT – Postcard Winner

Alexis – Postcard Winner

Shelby – Most Creative Winner

Maria – Name that Tune Winner

Kendall – Father's Day Winner

Hannah & Tina – Mother's Day

Katie – 960 Chocolate Eggs

Ryan – Let's Play Ball Winner

Shelby – Found the Leprechaun

Ryan – 522 Candy Kisses

Savannah – Valentine's Dinner

Sarah – Winner of Message Decoding

Marcus – Winner of Message Decoding

2010 Contest Winners

Jen – Lively Contest Winner

Ally – July Contest Winner

Mary – Postcard Contest Winner

Adam – Postcard Contest Winner

Lauren – Postcard Contest Winner

Savannah – Postcard Contest Winner

Taylor – Movie Trivia Contest Winner

Emon – Straight A's Contest Winner

Mr. Taylor & Lorin – Father's Day Fun Contest Winner

Mrs. Rivera & Kendall – Marvelous Mothers Contest Winner

Bradley – Counting Jelly Beans Contest Winner

Alexandra – Find the Easter Bunny Contest Winner

Morgan – Find the Leprechaun Contest Winner

Joanna – Find the Leprechaun Contest Winner

Paul – Find Cupid Contest Winner

Alexandra – Find Cupid Contest Winner

Nichcolas – Find the New Year’s Baby Contest Winner

Graham – Find the New Year’s Baby Contest Winner

Samantha – New Year’s Trivia Contest Winner

Brian – New Year’s Trivia Contest Winner

2009 Contest Winners

Ryan – Find the Snowman Contest Winner

Haley – Find the Turkey Contest

Kara – Find the Turkey Contest

Mikayla – Predicting Pumpkins Contest Winner

Nikki – Predicting Pumpkins Contest Winner

Brooke – Who's Who Contest Winner

Taylor – Find the Skeleton Contest Winner

Michael – Find the Skeleton Contest Winner

Kristen – Find the Fall Leaf Contest Winner

Ally – Find the Fall Leaf Contest Winner

Stewart – Back to School Contest Winner

Mikey – Postcard Contest Winner

Brooke – Postcard Contest Winner

Brittany – Postcard Contest Winner

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated in our Postcard Contest!!!

Jenna Paton, Caitlin Reese, Zach Pecci, Jamie Zocco, Sarah Mennuto, Megan Smithwick, Jake Bakkedahl, Carolyn Munson, Brandon Armstrong, Jenny Kilbride, Elise Burnett, Chyanne Reese, Connor Peci, Jazi, Wakeman Skylar Persin, Megan Killian, Ellie Bakkedahl, Alexis Munson, Zoe Kayton, and Brian Kilbride


Kenny – Find the Flag Contest Winner

Zoe – Find the Flag Contest Winner

Lisa Nicole – June Bug Contest Winner

Annie – June Bug Contest Winner

William – Movie Trivia Contest Winner

Dannah – Eye Spy Contest Winner

Nick – Eye Spy Contest Winner

Chyanne – T-Shirt Contest Winner

Brandon and Dillon – Postcard Contest Winners

Justin – iPod Winner

Joseph – iPod Winner

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