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Movie : Les Miserables

It was very sad and very moving at the same time. My favorite character was Embony and my fav song was "On my Own".

Submitted by : Abigail B

Movie : Despicable Me 2

I thought the first movie was better but it was very cute and funny!

Submitted by : Jade G

Movie : Internship

I liked the movie. It was funny. I had a good time! Thank you Dr.Lively. 

Submitted by : Renni K

Movie : The Croods

Somewhat of a funny movie. It wasn't the best movie, but it wasn't the worst either. To me it was average, but it could be good to someone.

Submitted by : Jacob E

Movie : Pitch Perfect

OMG! Literally the best movie ever! It was so funny and made me and my friends go out and have to buy it! It ties in music with having fun! Although it was very hilarious, it probably wasn't the " funniest" movie ever; it came pretty darn close! It is a great movie if you like comedies!

Submitted by : Savannah A

Movie : The Hobit / Lord of the Rings

WOW best movie EVER. I watched those movies. SO GOOD. I stayed up till 1 AM watching half of lord of the rings (4 and a half hours!)

Submitted by : Jordyn

Movie : BRAVE

Brave had funny moments, but really not the best movie ever made by pixar.

Submitted by : Amy Nicholas

Movie : FUN SIZE

The best movie, so funny. I love it!

Submitted by : Nicholas L. Lentine

Movie : Pitch Perfect

Best movie I have ever seen!!! My three friends and I have learned the mash-up they sang of just the way you are and just a dream. The music is great. The actors are great and story is amazing!!

Submitted by : Jade Geftman

Movie : We Bought a Zoo

I thought this movie was sucking me in the first minute I was there. It had cute, funny, silly, and a little bit of romantic. I loved this movie because it was enjoyable to watch.

Submitted by : Magie McSoley

Movie : Woman in Black

Crazy scary. Not recommended for young kids and people who don't like scary movies. Other than that, AMAZING.

Submitted by : Stephanie Powell

Movie : Hunger Games

I love it! It is my favorite movie ever. I love the part where katniss volunteers to be in the hunger games. It is so fascinating !!!!!!!!! That's what I think!

Submitted by : Lindsey Bruns

Movie : Prom

This movie was very good. It was so awesome and super sweet. I loved it!!

Submitted by : Jackie

Movie : Rio

Rio is awesome. It is funny ,cute, funny and funny again. Four thumbs up if you count your toes. lol.

Submitted by : Maria Juan

Movie : Soul Surfer

One of the best movies I've ever seen! It's a really uplifting story about overcoming obstacles. It even made me cry a few times! :)

Submitted by : Joanna Beazley

Movie : Just go with it

What a great movie.. it was hilarious, loved it.

Submitted by : Shelby Dray

Movie : Rango

Rango was a classic western with a new fun twist. I thought it was very enjoyable and the jokes were funny. Thank you Dr. Lively for the movie tickets!

Submitted by : Michele and Ryan

Movie : Yogi Bear


Submitted by : Jesse Green

Movie : little fockers

funny and very inappropriate

Submitted by : Alexandra Little

Movie : The Chronicle of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Trader

Very real and touching. It's amazing how the stories relate to real life! Fun for the Whole family!

Submitted by : Savannah Zechiel

Movie : Tooth Fairy

Tooth fairy was a very funny movie and I hope to see it again.

Submitted by : Jade Geftman

Movie : Karate Kid

It was a great movie. It was very exciting and a lot of action and anticipation. I think that it told a great story.

Submitted by : Jade Geftman

Movie : Percy Jackson and the Olympians

It is a great movie!! My sister said, "she could watch it a billion times in a row". BEST MOVIE EVER!

Submitted by : Gabby Creswell

Movie : Tooth Fairy

A dad of a kid got a note under his pillow, and it said he would be a tooth fairy. When the dad arrived at fairy world he had wings, and was wearing a pretty pink girlly outfit.

Submitted by : Alexis Munson

Movie : Grown Ups

It was so funny, best movie I've seen yet.

Submitted by : Alexis Munson

Movie : Avatar the last air bender

It could be the best action movie for kids this summer.

Submitted by : Alexis Munson

Movie : Eclipse

It may be the best movie in the Twilight Saga!

Submitted by : Kerstin Brown

Movie : Eclipse

It was good and intense at the same time!! I loved it!

Submitted by : Amanda Graziano

Movie : Eclipse


Submitted by : Brittany Wright

Movie : Eclipse

I thought that the Eclipse book was ten times better than the movie but the movie was pretty good any how. The CGI effects in the movie were awesome!

Submitted by : Paige Bravo

Movie : Shrek Forever After

I loved loved loved this Shrek movie! It was really good and it was even better in 3D! It's a definite must see!

Submitted by : Paige Bravo

Movie : Karate Kid

It was an amazing movie! I laughed a bunch and even cried at times. There was a lot of energy in the fight scenes. The scenery of China was way cool. You gotta see it!

Submitted by : Sandy Edwards

Movie : Karate Kid

I thought Karate Kid was one of the best movies I've seen in a while. It was never boring! I would definitely recommend it!

Submitted by : Ally Bauer

Movie : The A-Team

This movie great and pretty funny I thought. I will definitely recommend this movie to my friends.

Submitted by : Wyatt Wustrau

Movie : The Lightening Thief

Last week I saw this movie, The Lightening Thief. It was REALLY good! Even though it wasn't really like the book, it was still good. The actors were amazing and they played their parts very very well. This movie is a must see. :)

Submitted by : Paige Bravo

Movie : How to Train Your Dragon

This movie is really cute! I liked how the dragons were all very unique and had funny names. It was an exciting movie and great for the little one. I would definitely recommend it for any adult as well.

Submitted by : Michele and Ryan

Movie : The Tooth Fairy

This movie is funny! You got to see it!

Submitted by : Ryan Rivera

Movie : Disney's "Earth"

Awesome movie about the environment and the animals who live in various places all over the world. The birds in the rainforest were very funny! A great movie for the entire family!

Submitted by : Debbie

Movie : The Time Traveler's Wife

When I saw the commercial for this movie, I thought it would be great! So when my friend and I went, I had my soda, my candy, my friends,  popcorn and I was ready to go! The movie turned out to be not horrible, but bad at the least. It was very scattered and parts of it didn't really make sense. Although the ending was good, I wouldn't recommend it. :(

Submitted by : Taylor Mazza

Movie : G-Force

G-Force was a 3-D movie but didn't have many 3-D effects, so it wasn't worth paying extra for the effects. However, the movie was action packed and exciting besides that!

Submitted by : Lorin Taylor

Movie : Transformers

It was a very cool movie. The special effects were especially good! The movie was never boring! Thanks again for the movie tickets!

Submitted by : Mikey Peterson

Movie : Grown ups

Hilariously funny !!! Loved the movie. It is the "BEST"!!!! I recommend this to anybody that wants to laugh till they cry ...

Submitted by : Shelby Dray

Movie : Toy Story 3

it was about Andy going off to college and the toys get sent off to Sunny Side Day Care and it was not fun. The toys get beat up by rotten kids and try to escape, and on the way to college Andy gives a little girl all his toys

Submitted by : Alexis Munson

Movie : The tooth fairy

Pretty good movie. Great movie to watch with family on a Friday or weekend night! ENJOY!

Submitted by : Shelby Dray

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