Thank you Dr Lively and Staff. It has been a smooth and pleasant experience from the time we arrive at your office, the front desk staff, technicians and yourself. You have always been honest about the length, cost and expectation of the treatment, and your nice staff is so professional. We'll always recommend you!!!

Yolanda Gonzalez-Beecher

My daughter and I actually enjoy coming to your office. Everyone is super friendly and you can tell that everyone is happy to be there. The energy in your office is very positive and fun!

The Roberts Family

Dr. Lively and the entire staff are fantastic. We are very pleased with the amount of time and care that each staff member takes with my daughter and to make my daughter feel great about herself. Keep up the great work!

Doreen Brothers

Thank you for all you are doing to help my little girl feel proud of her smile again!

Joy Feldman

Molly already passed on how great you are to a friend at school. We are blessed to have been referred to you.

Susan Scharf

I have wracked my brain to figure out how to have you and your office staff win the BESTEST, NICEST, MOST WONDERFUL AWARD in the whole country!!!! Really - If there is such a thing - I am nominating you guys

Nic Mader

Class act business - had and continue to have a great experience from the front desk to Dr. Lively himself - great staff!! Rare find these days - quality work and great service with integrity

Janice Salcedo

I've had two boys in braces with Dr. Lively...He and his entire staff are top notch. They go above and beyond every day to make sure their patients, and families, are comfortable and well taken care of. He is also a very generous soul in our community, with his time and support. Thank you, Dr. lively!!

Robin Rogers

No place better than Lively Orthodontics! Top notch doctor and staff!!! Both my kids loved Dr. Lively so much my husband decided to get Invisalign as well!!! Everyone's happy!!!

Valerie Stern

When she saw her best friend this morning, Sandy said, "I have a funny story to tell you!" and proceeded to tell her about your instructions and her success. Thanks for being such a great orthodontist and engaging personality!

Janet Edwards

Thank you so much for fixing my teeth. Also, for being so patient when I didn’t always wear my rubber bands! After looking at the before and after pictures you sent me, my teeth look so much better! Love,

Kaila Sievert

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for sponsoring my volleyball team this year! I really appreciate it! I love having you as my orthodontist! You are always happy and smiling! Thank you so much for everything you do! Sincerely,

Kiana Sawtelle

Thank you so much for making my year of adjustment such a positive experience. Each and every one of you was so caring, professional, and understanding. Thank you, Thank you!

Sarah Johnson

Thank you for always being so professional and making us feel welcome at every visit. Your staff is awesome and you obviously have a system that works well for you. Thank you for working so hard to give Jason and Lauren the smiles they love.

Janice Salcedo

Thank you all very much for your excellent work! I love my new smile. Sincerely,

Melanie Johnson

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful second opinion for my daughter. I feel guilty not being charged as you were very informative, thorough, and honest – something that we did not feel happened elsewhere. If “word-of-mouth” is valued, you got your monies worth out of me because I will recommend you highly in the community. We loved your office and everyone was so nice! Thank you for your kindness,

Karen H.

Thank you for the beautiful smiles on all three of our children. Their smiles can be seen coming from a mile away thanks to you!

Dara, Bob, Dannah, Reid, & Rylee Pirson

You have unequivocally reaffirmed some outstanding characteristics of a true professional and to do so in a broaching and awkward situation of lending a critique of a fellow professional without bias and with the utmost objectivity is most commendable … we are most thankful for you and will not hesitate to recommend your first and foremost.

The Bishop Family

P.S. I do have to tell you that the boys had a photo taken recently and someone commented on how beautiful their smiles were, I of course said: “Thanks to Dr. Lively!” Thank you!

Ginger Featherstone

Everything about Lively Orthodontics is wonderful! Great Staff too! Dr. Lively does a good job explaining the process, and truly cares for his patients. Would never go anywhere else!

Kim Gutierrez

Our time with you has come to an end, but I wanted all of you to know how amazing this experience has been. I am so thankful for the kindness, patience and professionalism this office has shown my daughter (and myself). It has been a long and sometimes difficult road, but I am grateful for absolutely everything you do for Kristyn, even down to the small things like words of encouragement or understanding for oh, so many broken wires, brackets, etc. You have an amazing practice and we will miss seeing all of you - Your outstanding care of Kristyn will always be seen in her beautiful smile.

Sonya and Kristyn Miller

Just wanted to take a moment and thank Dr. Mark Lively and the staff at Lively Orthodontics for making our little boy’s 1st visit to the orthodontist a very pleasant and great experience! Can't wait to be seeing you all for the next couple of years!!

Julie LaFrance Lentine

Many thanks for all the good care I received from your office. Everyone was always pleasant and professional, striving to make it a very positive experience.

Lillie Davis

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at your office! Especially because I was getting braces on. You treat each and every patient like royalty & truly I look at you as a role model. You are generous and caring, and I can’t describe how great it was to get my braces “on and off” at your office! I promise to come back and visit! Love,

Margaret Stabley

I want to thank you for the wonderful care I received from you and your entire staff during the course of my treatment. I know I probably stretched your patience to the limit, but you certainly never let on, ha-ha. I’m thrilled with my new smile, and am going to miss my frequent visits.

Cathy D.

Wow !! What a difference!
Thank you so much for making the whole process easy. Your office and staff are all wonderful.
Her smile is beautiful!!
Best regards ,
Jane Eaker